This is who we are

MyDaskalos is a community of fantastic people (teachers, coaches, professionals, tutors and talents) ready to share their knowledge & their passion.

Finding a private tutor online has never been easier! On MyDaskalos you can find the perfect tutor in your city: the location of the course is no longer an issue from now on.

Everyone has a teaching method that suits them, and it can be very different from a person to another. For this reason, it can be hard to find the right tutor, with the right pedagogy.

On MyDaskalos we propose you a large range of profiles to suit their needs in order to make the perfect match between yourself and the tutors.

All profiles are verified, and confidentiality preserved.

Each tutor has distinct teaching methods that can be adapted for everyone, for all the subjects and levels.

Thus, thanks to the choice of tutors on MyDaskalos, taking private courses allows reaching your goals more efficiently, whether it is for an exam, a specific event or a trip etc.