How to join MyDaskalos

In just 10 minutes, you can create your online profile and advertise your tutoring services.

1. Proceed to your registration

Register online and verify your address email. MyDaskalos will send you a link to confirm your address email and access your profile.
Remember only Individuals can register; If you want to create a Corporate profile to advertise your Company services please contact us.

2. Create your teaching ad and set your conditions

You have complete control over your schedule, fees and teaching methodology.
You can organize your classes as you want to.
MyDaskalos is Subscription Fee Free and Commission Free!

3. Share your ad online & Share your knowledge, your experience and your passion!

Check that you have well completed all sections of your profile.
Once your teaching ad is published, students will contact you directly and you will be able to begin organizing your lessons directly with them.
Remember, MyDaskalos is not involved in your relation with students.